Rank Forecasting report calculates the potential changes in traffic, conversions and conversion values based on your current and expected SEO performance.

This report doesn't require any external data source such as Google Analytics or AdWords - All the data are calculated on our end based on keywords you are tracking in the campaign.

How does this report work?

We start by understanding your goals and the environment you are currently competing in:

What is your goal?

In the dropdown menu at the top of the page, you can select what kind of improvements you are expecting for this SEO project. The more ambitious goal selected, the more drastic changes you will be able to see for the forecast.

How do searchers interact and convert with your website?

Clicking on the Edit Assumptions button next to the Goal dropdown menu will open up the Assumptions modal allow you to customize this forecast for more accurate estimations:

Inside the Assumptions modal, you can enter your Estimated Conversion Rate, Conversion Value and choose / create Click-Through Rate curves:

NOTE: Assumptions modal can greatly impact the reliability of the forecast! We recommend entering information that can reflect actual historical performance of your website if possible - Referencing data from other platforms like Google Search Console (For Click Through Rates) or Google AdWords (For Conversions Rates and Conversion Values) can be a great place to start.

Which date's data you'd like to use as base for this forecast?

Rank Forecasting report by default use ranking data from the most recent available date for its calculation. But you can also pick another date with the Reference Date picker too:

What keywords should be included in this forecast?

The report by default include all keywords from every keyword groups of the campaign. You can also use the Keyword Group dropdown to generate forecast for a subset of keywords:

Which search engine are you trying to run forecast for?

Results of the forecasted report can be vastly different for different search engine you've chosen to run calculations for. Use the Search Engine dropdown to make sure you are running forecasts for the correct one:

After setting up your scenarios, click on the Calculate Forecast button and we will run the forecast for you immediately.

Understanding the result

We calculate various metrics for all keywords based on their current and projected rankings with all the other settings as you defined in the Scenario section.

After calculating forecasts for each individual keyword, we aggregate each metric for all keywords and show them in the Forecast section of the page:

You can quickly see the potential impact of achieving certain ranking improvements to your site as a whole. Here are explanations for each metrics in the Forecast section:

Organic Visibility

Average expected click-through rates for all keywords in the report - An effective indicator overall ranking performance.

Top 50 Keywords

Number of keywords ranking within the top 50 positions.

Top 10 Keywords

Number of keywords ranking within the top 10 positions.


Estimated organic traffic the site can get each month from keywords included in this report.


Estimated number of conversions the site can get each month from keywords included in this report.

Conversion Value

Estimated revenue the site can generate each month from keywords included in this report.

Forecasts for every individual keyword are also shown in the bottom of the page in the Details table:

The whole report can also be exported to an Excel file by clicking on the Export to Excel button above the top right of the Details table:

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