There are 2 main possibilities for search volume not showing for your keywords:

1) The keyword doesn't have a high enough search volume

If less than 10 searches per month are recorded for the keyword, the search volume could appear as blank or 0.

2) If you're looking up search volume on Google with our Keyword Research tool, we may not have the data in our database for this particular keyword

Short Answer: The best way to get Google search volumes in Dragon Metrics is to add keywords to tracking - Since we automatically retrieve search volumes for these keywords from Google Keyword Planner in real time.

Long Answer: For Bing and Baidu, we get the data directly from the search engines. So we have keyword data for all keywords in existence. For Google, unfortunately, our keyword research data is a bit more limited (This is the only aspect that’s limited. Rankings, links, competitors, analytics, etc. are unaffected).

It’s a bit more limited because a few years ago, Google cut off direct access to the Adword Keyword Planner API to almost all SEO tools. Because of this, we’ve all had to find other ways to get the data. We now have access to a database of 90 milllion keywords. This is surely a lot, but still not nearly enough. This data does come from Google, and is refreshed monthly, but only contains 90 million. Furthermore, the vast majority of these keywords data is for United States – English.

Google offers their Adwords Keyword Planner as a free and publicly open tool. It has the most accurate and freshest data (it’s a tool from Google) available, and provides the best related keyword suggestions. To be honest, no other free or paid tool is nearly as good as their suggestion engine. 

In Dragon Metrics, we offer our keyword research of 90 million keywords to our users, as it’s still a very nice feature to have. But while we work towards finding a more long-term solution, we suggest our users utilize this tool on Google’s site, and import the data into Dragon Metrics. It’s an extra step, but it still works quite well. We understand this is a limitation of the platform, and are working hard to find a way around it.

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