Note: Updating Campaign settings require Manager or Account Owner permissions. Learn more about user permissions

While it's possible to change a campaign's website once it's already been created, in most cases we recommend creating a new campaign instead. Since updating the website only changes data collected in the future, changing the campaign website will cause a mismatch of data when viewing a campaign's history. It may lead to other confusing issues as well.

There are a few instances that we believe it may be useful to change a campaign website:

  • The campaign is newly created and does not have any (or very little) historic data

  • You need to broaden the website scope (e.g. originally the site was entered as and you'd like to change it to to include all URLs on the entire root domain)

Outside of these and a few other scenarios, we do not recommend updating the campaign website.

If you understand the risks and would like to proceed, it's quick and easy to update. To begin, navigate to Campaign General Settings under the Campaign Settings menu in the bottom left of the navigation sidebar.

By default, Website will be disabled. Click change to enable the field.

A warning will be shown. Please read carefully and click Update Site if you would like to proceed.

Enter your new site URL (keeping in mind the website scope)

Save your changes, and you're done!

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