Note: This action can only be taken by Account Owners. Read this article to learn how to give proper permission to grant other users access to billing information if needed.

By default only the Account Owner of the account can see and change billing information of an account, these info are hidden to all other users. But it is possible to grant a particular user access to these information. To do so, the Account Owner user of the account will need to visit Users page and make a simple change to the selected user.

Users page can be found under the Account Setting Section on the left navigation.

Upon entering the page, click on the username of the user you'd like to give access for:

After that you will be able to make various changes to this user. To give the user permission to view and manage billing information, check the Can view and manage billing settings check box and click Save.

If you need to revoke a user access to billing information, you simply need to uncheck Can view and manage billing settings for that user.

After doing the above, the user should be able to access billing information by accessing Account Details page under the Gear icon menu on the top right of their user interface:

Note: Account Owner will always be able to see billing information, there's no way to hide billing information from this type of users unless the user transfers their account's ownership to another user.

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