To purchase a subscription of Dragon Metrics you must first sign up for a free trial account.

If your trial account is currently active, click the Subscribe now link at the top of every page or on on the Usage and Billing page.

If your trial account has expired, after signing into your account you will be immediately taken to Choose Your Plan

Choose your billing period, ranking update frequency, and plan.

Billing period - A discount equal to 2 months free is available for yearly billing. Monthly billing is also available.

Ranking Update Frequency - Either daily or weekly updates are available. Daily updates provide the most up-to-date and flexible data, but if this is not necessary for your use case, discounts are available for weekly updates.

Plan - Subscription plan determines the features available and limits available for the account, such as number of keyword rankings tracked, number of URLs crawled, or user seats. If you are unsure of which plan is best for you, please contact us and we'd be happy to assist.

Once you've decided on these options, click the Start subscription button next to the plan you wish to choose.

Please review carefully the subscription details. Note that all Dragon Metrics subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of each billing period unless they are cancelled ahead of time.

You will also need to read the Terms of Service and agree to continue. We highly recommend a careful reading before accepting.

Payments above USD $500 have the option of paying by bank transfer or credit card. Payments below this amount must be paid by credit card. Click your desired payment method to continue.

Clicking Pay by Credit Card will display a popup where you will be prompted to securely add your billing information.

If the payment is processed successfully, you will be taken back to the Account Details page and a success notification will be displayed:

If you are having problem with your payment, please contact support for assistance.

Choose Pay by Bank Transfer to enter your information and download a PDF invoice which can be sent to your organization's finance team for processing.

Your account will remain inactive until payment is received. You will receive an email upon activation of your account.

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