Note: This action can only be taken by Account Owners. Read more about account permissions.

What is an Account Owner?

There are 4 user roles in Dragon Metrics:

  • Read-only: Can view reports, perform research, create own Report Builder reports and alerts. Can be given access to all campaigns or only a specific set.

  • Standard: Everything a read-only user can do, but can also update keywords and competitors for campaigns they have access to.

  • Manager: Everything a standard user can do, but can also create new users and campaigns.

  • Account owner: No restrictions

Account owners have the highest level of authority and do not have any restrictions on what they can do or access inside Dragon Metrics.

Each account can only have one owner, so it is not possible to create a new user as an account owner or upgrade an existing user's permissions to account owner. The account owner can not be deleted.

If you need to make a different user the account owner, you can transfer ownership to them. When this is done, the designated user will be upgraded to account owner, and the former account owner will be downgraded to manager.

How to transfer ownership

To transfer ownership, navigate to Users under Account Settings in the left navigation.

Click on the name of the user you'd like to transfer ownership to.

Click Transfer ownership to this user at the bottom of the page.

Confirm that you'd like to transfer ownership to this user. Please note that there is no undo for this action.

The ownership has now been transferred to this user, and the former account owner will then become a manager.

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