Note: This feature is only applicable for "Account Owner" type's users.
There are 4 account types in Dragon Metrics: Account Owner, Manager, Standard Users and Read-only Users.

Account owner user accounts have the highest level of authority and do not have any restrictions on what they can do or access inside Dragon Metrics. Account owners are also able to access and manage account and billing information.

Each Dragon Metrics account will only have one account owner, so you cannot create other account owners. However, you can transfer ownership to an existing user. This will make the current account owner a Manager, you can perform this step in the Edit User page. To get to the Edit User page, click on User on the left navigator under Account Settings

You will then be presented with the Users page with all users under this account, click on the name of the user you'd like to transfer your account's ownership to, as shown below:

You will see the Edit User page now, and in the page you will see the Transfer ownership to this user button in red, click on this button to transfer:

You will then be asked to confirm the action, click Transfer Ownership if you are sure this user is the one that you'd like to transfer your ownership to:

Once the process is complete, you will be taken back to the Users page. The old Account Owner will become a Manager level user. Notice the new Account Owner is no longer visible on the page, since other user won't be able to see / make changes to Account Owner users:

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