For many multinational organizations, it may not be immediately clear how to optimally structure your Dragon Metrics campaigns. A typical question is whether each country should have its own campaign or all countries tracked in one.

While there is no one-solution-fits-all, take a look at the following statements that are true for you, and you will likely be able to find the right structure for your situation. In most scenarios, it's best to use multiple campaigns, one for each country.

"I want to roll up multiple reports by country"

Campaigns are meant to be independent of each other, so most reports can only view a single campaign at once. If you want to see how each country compares against each other at a high level, this may be possible by using multiple campaigns. But if you need to see more detailed reports comparing countries, a single campaign is best for you.

"I don't care which country's site ranks for a keyword"

If you don't mind that a URL on the UK site ranks for a keyword on Google US, a single campaign may be a good choice since all country sites will be viewed together.

"Each country site uses a different top-level domain (TLD)"

Use multiple campaigns. In order to use a single campaign, all country sites must fall under a single root domain.

For example, if there are no specific URLs targeted a specific country, or if each country is segmented by subdomain or subfolder, you can use a single campaign. If each country site has it's own cc-TLD (e.g. for the UK site and for the Germany site), you'll need to use multiple campaigns.

"I want to view country's data separately"

Use multiple campaigns. Each campaign will be contained with a single country's data.

"I want to assign some users to only be able to view or manage some country sites"

Use multiple campaigns. Users can be given access only to specific campaigns, but if all countries are using the same campaign, this will not be possible.

"Each campaign has its own Google Analytics property or Google Search Console site"

Use multiple campaigns. Each campaign can only be set to a single Google Analytics property or Google Search Console site.

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