Export to Excel

All data in Dragon Metrics can be exported to Excel by clicking the Export to Excel icon, typically found in the upper right of each report or data table.

Past exports can be downloaded again from Recent Exports by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right of every page.

Report Builder

The Report Builder allows you to create customized and white-labeled reports that can be viewed as a live online report or downloaded as a PDF.

Learn more about the Report Builder


Dragon Metrics can also be access by API. Learn more at https://api.dragonmetrics.com


Reports in Dragon Metrics are not directly exportable to PDF. To download data as a PDF, create a report using the Report Builder, which can be downloaded as a PDF.


Dragon Metrics does not support exporting to comma-separated values (CSV) files due to how many applications handle these types of files with non-Latin based characters (UTF-8 encoding). Programs such as Microsoft Excel will be unable to display or save these characters properly by default.

As a globally-focused platform, Dragon Metrics supports a large number of languages. To avoid the most common issues that customers have when interacting with CSV files with UTF-8 encoding, we do not support CSV exports or imports.

If you do not have access to Microsoft Excel, there are several alternative free products such as Google Sheets that can interact with the .xlsx files Dragon Metrics uses for imports and exports.

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