What is Organic CTR?

Organic CTR is a measure of how worthwhile it will be to target this keyword for organic search. This metric represents the percentage of estimated clicks on a SERP that go to basic organic results (e.g. excluding paid or rich results such as Knowledge Panels, images, video, etc.).

Keywords with a high number of ads and rich results on the first page will have a lower score than keywords with no ads or rich results.

How Organic CTR is calculated

1. The estimated click-through rate (CTR) is calculated for every result on the SERP for this keyword, which is determined by the ranking position and result type.

2. Each result on the SERP classified as one of 3 types:

  • Paid — such as Ads, Shopping, Flight listings, Hotel listings, etc.

  • Organic — Organic results that link directly to the site's URL. These results may include some rich results, like Sitelinks / Mini Sitelinks, Local boxes, FAQ results, Reviews, or Featured Snippets.

  • Other rich results — such as Knowledge Card, People Also Ask, News, etc.

3. The CTRs are summed by result type, which will add up to 100%. For example:

  • Paid: 6%

  • Basic organic: 62%

  • Other rich results: 32%

The total CTR for Organic is the Organic CTR for this keyword.

Score Description

Organic CTR score is labeled as one of the following, based on the score:

  • High: 80-100%

  • Moderate: 51 -79%

  • Low: 0-50%


Let's look at the query restaurant near me, which has a high Organic CTR score. The top 10 results are all either Local or Basic organic, which means all clicks will go to organic results.

Compared to query psychology, which has an Organic CTR score of 40% (Low), which shows a Knowledge Panel on the right side, Knowledge Card at the top, followed by a People Also Ask box and includes News and Video results further down the SERP.

Where to find Organic CTR

This metric is available in Keyword Research and Keyword Lists.

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