What is Organic Difficulty?

Organic Difficulty is a score given to each keyword that helps you to understand how hard it would be to rank on the top 10 organic positions for a search query. This metric represents the competitiveness within the top 10 URLs based on their authority scores.

It runs on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the organic difficulty score is, the harder it would be to rank on the top 10 for a particular keyword.

How we calculate Organic Difficulty

We look at the Domain Authority and Page Authority of the top 10 ranking URLs on the SERP of a keyword. Based on the strength of both authority scores for each ranking URL in the top 10 positions, we calculate the final difficulty score for the keyword. Different level of organic difficulty score is labeled as one of the following:

  • Easiest: 0-20%

  • Easier: 21-40%

  • Moderate: 41-55%

  • Hard: 56-70%

  • Very hard: 71-100%


Let's look at the query apple ipod, which has a high Organic Difficulty score. The top 10 results have considerably high authority scores, where all the DAs are higher than 90.

Compared to query easy pizza dough recipe for kid, which has an Organic Difficulty score of 25% (easier), the top 10 ranking URLs have much lower authority scores. The majority of DAs are between 40-60s. The 4th ranking URL only has a DA of 24 and PA 12!

Where to find Organic Difficulty

This metric is available in Keyword Research and Keyword Lists.

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