What is Search Volume?

Search Volume is the accumulated number of searches being processed by a search engine for a specified keyword. Search Volume data Dragon Metrics provides is always a monthly total for any given keyword.

It is sometimes called as Monthly Search Volume or MSV.

Where can you find Search Volume?

Keyword Research

Supports for Google, Baidu, and Naver. The result page shows the MSV of the most recent month together with the historical search volume.

Keyword List

Every keyword you've added into a keyword list will show MSV and the historical trend of search volume.

Ranking Research

Every ranking keyword comes with a Monthly Search Volume.

Keyword Ranking

The MSV will be shown for each keyword. The trend of MSV over the past 12 months is also available.

Note: These are the major areas that you can view search volume. Monthly Search Volume is also available on other pages that show keywords data.

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