Because Dragon Metrics only track keywords that are being assigned to a Keyword Group, you can have indefinite amount of keywords in the Keyword Management section. If you added keywords without assigning them to a keyword group they won't be tracked, you can learn about creating Keyword Group here if you don't have any yet, if not you can do the following to add tracking to them:

1. If you want to assign a single keyword to keyword groups, you can click on the Keyword Group column for the keyword you'd like to track, select Keyword Groups from the pop up window and after selecting click the tick icon to confirm changes.

2. If you want to add tracking to keywords in bulk within the interface, you can select multiple keywords using checkboxes next to the keyword, click on Edit Keyword Groups, select Keyword Groups you'd like to add tracking to and click Apply

3. You can also add keyword to Keyword group via Excel import:

To begin, export your keyword data to Excel.

Make the desired changes to the file and save it. Because Keyword Group need to be created before using them in the Excel spreadsheet, if you enter a non existing Keyword Group here, you will get an error.

To upload the file, simply follow the same procedure you would for adding new keywords by file.

Upload your previously updated Excel file.

Review the new Keyword Group settings and update.

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