The Organic Keywords Report will provide ranking data for a domain, you can access this page by clicking on Keywords under Domains > Organic Search section or by clicking on "view all" in the Top Ranking Keywords section of the Domain Overview page.

On the top of this page you can see the domain name, it's fav icon and high level metrics like total number of ranking keywords, total number of ranking positions and traffic index (estimated organic traffic to these domain based on its ranking keywords and positions):

Next to the callouts, there will be an export to Excel button and View Options button allow you to toggle different data to be displayed in the table below:

Below the callouts there will be a table showing all the ranking keywords for this domain along with their metrics:

Metrics available in the Organic Keywords Report Table:

All the keywords are automatically translated into English here

Search Volume
The monthly search volume of this keyword. Learn more about Search Volume

The position the domain is ranking for this keyword

Traffic Index
Our estimated monthly organic traffic driven by this ranking position for the domain. Learn more about Traffic Index

Ranking URL
The URL the domain is ranking for the keyword in this particular position

Paid Competition
A 1 to 100 score of how intense PPC bidding for this keyword is, the higher score the higher competition

The total number of results is showing for this keyword

The title of the ranking URL being displayed on the SERP for this keyword

The description of the ranking URL being displayed on the SERP for this keyword

Clicking on each keyword / URL here will start a new keyword / domain research.

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