What are alerts?

You can set up alerts in Dragon Metrics to notify you whenever custom rules you create are met.

For example, you can set alerts to send you a notification when:

  • Any branded keywords are not ranking #1

  • 30% or more of keywords drop by 5 positions or more

  • 20 or more keywords drop by 50%

  • 1 or more of our highest-value keywords drop off of page 1

  • Any new keywords enter page 1

It's easy to create these kind of customized rules in the alert builder:

Every time ranking data is updated, the most recent ranking data will be compared to the previous most recent date's data to check against all custom rules. If any rules were triggered, an email will be sent with details.

How rules work

Alert rules are comprised of 4 parts:

  • Keywords to include: Which keywords this rule be should be tested on

  • Type: The method used to calculate this rule

  • Degree: Threshold number used when testing rule logic

  • Keyword threshold: The minimum number of keywords that must match the rule's criteria in order to trigger the alert

All rules can be expressed in a sentence, such as:

Send me an alert if at least {Keyword Threshold} keywords in {Keywords to include} {Type} {Degree}

For example, a rule with the following settings:

  • Keywords to include: United States campaign

  • Type: Above position

  • Degree: 5

  • Keyword threshold: 10

Could be read as:

  • Send me an alert if at least 10 keywords in the United States campaign are below position 5

Managing Alerts

To get started, navigate to Alerts under the user icon in the top right of every page.

On this page you can create, update, or delete alerts.

Create a new alert

Click the + button in the upper right to create a new alert

Learn how to create a new alert

View or modify alert settings

Click the name of an alert to view or modify its settings.

Delete an alert

Click the x icon next to the alert name to delete one at a time.

Check the box next to multiple alerts and click the trash button to delete many alerts at once.

Pause an alert

Pausing an alert stops sending notifications for this alert but keeps its data around in case you wish to re-activate at another time.

Check the box next to multiple alerts and click the pause button to stop notifications for an alert.

Re-activate an alert

Check the box next to multiple alerts and click the activate button to re-enable notifications for a paused alert.

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