Ever since Google started withholding keyword referral data a few years ago (and later Yahoo and Bing joining in as well), search marketers have been scrambling for another way to get this data back. Now with Dragon Metrics’ new Organic Landing Pages reports, you can start to reclaim your (Not Provided) data.

How do we do it?

We start out by getting your organic traffic for each landing page by search engine on your site. We then pair it with Dragon Metrics data to get all keywords ranking for this URL on this search engine. This data along with the search volume for each keyword allows you to make a reasonable assumption of which keywords make up the organic traffic for this URL.

Also while Google and Yahoo withhold the vast majority of keyword referral data, thankfully not all search engines do. Keyword traffic and conversion data is still available from search engines such as Baidu and Qihoo 360 (haoso.com).

In light of this, our Organic Keyword report also tries to make the best of the situation. When we have keyword data, we pair it with your ranking data to show the impact rankings are having on your traffic and conversions. For international sites, these reports can still be extremely useful when tracking search engines such as Baidu or Qihoo 360.

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