The Report Builder allow users to easily create extensive, detailed reports in just a few minutes or seconds. With Custom Report Builder, you can leverage almost 50 different reporting modules to automate, scale the massive time-suck of tedious, often repetitive work of reporting and focus on what matter the most. This overview will be covering the basics of Custom Report Builder:

How to access the Custom Report Builder

Custom Reports Builder can be found in the Reports section in the left navigation menu.

Create and Manage Custom Reports

After getting into Custom Reports Builder's main screen, you will be able to see a menu of 3 tabs, here you can start creating Custom Report or manage created Custom Reports:

There are 2 types of Custom Reports you can create in Dragon Metrics:

Scheduled Reports
This type of report can be setup for daily, weekly or monthly automatic generation and delivery, you will be creating a master report and snapshots will be generated at your defined update frequency.

One-Time Reports
This type of report allow users to create reports within one specific date range.

If you want to pause the automatic generation and delivery of any of your Scheduled Reports, you can move them into Archived Reports, learn more about managing reports.

To start creating reports, choose which one of both report types you'd like to create and click on the + icon button at the right side of the screen, as shown below:

Learn more about creating Custom Reports in Dragon Metrics.

View created Custom Reports

There are 2 ways you can obtain your Custom Reports after creating them:

Below is an image of how a snapshot / one time report with password protection will look like, Custom Reports in Dragon Metrics are stored in a generic and anonymous domain and the file path is a randomized 128-bit string, passwords can be added at the Report Settings page:

Viewers can perform Jump to Section or export to PDF directly within these reports as well:

If you choose to export your report to a PDF file, this is how it will looks like:

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