Dragon Metrics offers a Baidu SERP analysis tool which allow our users to get the amount of Universal Results in their target keywords' SERPs, with these data they can assess the worthwhileness of optimizing for a particular keyword in Baidu.

There are 2 ways you can access the tool, directly from the left navigation menu or through Baidu Keyword Research tool:

  1. Access via left navigation menu, visit the Baidu SERP Analysis page under the Keywords section

2. After performing a keyword research with our Baidu Keyword Research Tool, you can further analyze the results with our SERP analysis tool by checking the boxes next to the keywords you'd like to analyze, click on the Bulk Actions drop menu and select View in Baidu SERP Analysis then click Apply

If you are using method 1, you can type in your desired keywords one per line and click submit.

At the analysis result page, you can see a table with Keyword, Score and Results column.

A - Keyword - The exact keyword you've researched for

B - Score - This is our score of the potential organic traffic this keyword could drive, considering how many universal results are occupying the SERP. Learn more about SERP Score.

C - Results - Hover over each bars in the Results column you can see a breakdown of what rich snippets are occupying space in the SERP

D - Export - Export these results into an Excel file

You can directly add them to tracked keyword with in the Baidu SERP analysis tool as well, just check the keywords you'd like to track, and click on the Add Keywords button above.

After that you can see a popup for you to enter optional details and assign keyword groups to these keywords, after confirming every details you can click Save and these keywords will be added to your tracking keywords.

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