A preferred landing page (also called “preferred target URL”) is the URL that you’ve decided you want to rank the highest for this keyword. For example, maybe you sell a product called “green widgets”, so you want the URL “http://example.com/green-widgets” to rank the highest for the keyword “green widgets”. You would enter “http://example.com/green-widgets” as the preferred landing page. In Keyword Ranking Performance page Dragon Metrics will then check to see if the highest ranking URL for this keyword is your preferred one. For example, maybe for the keyword “green widgets”, your site has the #1 position on Google. But it’s your home page “http://example.com”that’s ranking #1. That’s great, but you would prefer “http://example.com/green-widgets”. So for this keyword the “Preferred Landing Page Match” would be false. If later on, this URL was the one ranking #1, we would set the match to true.

We also show this in the user interface on the Keyword Ranking Performance page. If the link icon next to the ranking is grey, there is no match. But if it’s blue, there’s a match between the preferred landing page and the the ranking URL.

This field is optional, so you can choose to include it or not include it.

In Site Auditor and Site Explorer, it will be used to check whether or not the main content areas on the page are optimized for this keyword.

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