Ranking data will be available and stored starting from the first ranking update for your campaigns unless you pause or delete them. And with the Date Range selector, you will be able to view your available ranking data in any date range you prefer.

  1. To show ranking data across different date range, just click on the 2 dates shown in the Date Range selector as shown below.
  2. You will be presented with a calendar where you can select dates here or you can manually enter the date by typing into the box.
  3. After entering your desired begin and end date, click on Apply and you will be presented with data within your desired date range.

The date selector will work slightly different depending how often your account's rankings are updated:

Weekly updates - Ranking data is updated on the same day each week, which is different for every account. When you select a date range, we'll show all ranking data collected during this range. This means if your ranking date is a Tuesday, and you select April 7 - 13 (Thursday through Wednesday), only one data point will be shown since there is only data on the 12th. To compare two weeks' data, set the date range to include the previous Tuesday as well (April 4 - 12).

Daily updates - Since data is updated each day, simply choose any two dates, and data will be shown for each date in the range.

Your selected date range will affect how trend charts are displayed as well:

Selected Date Range: Within 2 weeks (Only for accounts with daily ranking update) Displayed Range: Day by Day

Selected Date Range: Within 3 months
Displayed Range: Week by Week

Selected Date Range: Within 18 months
Displayed Range: Month by Month

Selected Date Range: 18 months or wider
Displayed Range: Year by Year

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