In the Competitor Management page you can:

Competitor Management page can be found under the Competitors section of the left navigation menu.

Delete existing competitors

This page can be accessed via the Manage Competitors under Competitors section, in this page you can simply check which competitors to delete and click on the bin icon button above to delete.

Change Competitors' Keyword Group

In the Competitor Management page you can see each Competitors are being assigned to at least one of the Keyword Group in your campaign, if a competitor is assigned to that Keyword Group Dragon Metrics will collect ranking data for this Competitor within this Keyword Group:

To change a competitor's Keyword Group, you can click on the Keyword Group column for the respected Competitors, you will get a popup allowing you to check which Keyword you'd like this Competitor to be tracked:

If you want to assign Keyword Groups to multiple Competitors at once, you can check on each competitors with the checkboxes on the left most column of the table, click on Edit Keyword Groups, check on the Keyword Groups you'd like to assign them to in the popup box and click Apply:

Check remaining competitors credits

Depends on your account type, you'll have different Competitors Credits available and to check your account's remaining competitors credits, you can look at the top part of the Competitor Management page, as shown below:

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