To effectively manage your list of keywords and perform even more detailed ranking data segmentation, tagging keywords can be extremely useful. The way you tag your keywords can varies depending on your requirements, but adding tags to your keywords is very easy and you can do it either in the app or via Excel import.

Some general use cases for tagging keywords include, but not limited to:

  • By keyword length, e.g. head terms, mid tail, long tail
  • By Funnel stage, e.g. awareness, interest, consideration, conversion
  • By Intent, e.g. navigation, information, transaction
  • By Search Volume range, e.g. high sv, low sv
  • By keyword ideas, e.g. luxury, brand, new products
  • By time being added, e.g. dec 2015, batch 1/2/3
  • And more...

With strategic keyword tagging, you can segment your data in ranking reports or manage them effectively using Keyword Management filters.

Learn more about managing keywords using Keyword Group and Tagging here.

In the Keyword Management page or Keyword Group Detail page, you can see a table of your keywords and in the Tags column of the table you can add see what tag are being added to the keyword already:

Clicking on these tags will trigger a popup, allowing you to add new tags or delete tags:

If you want to add tags to multiple keywords at once, you can check the keywords on the table with the checkboxes, click on Edit Tags, check on the tags you'd like to assign to your selected keywords and click Apply:

Alternatively, you can also add tags to keywords with Excel import.

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