How competitors in Dragon Metrics works 

In Dragon Metrics, competitors are being tracked at a Keyword Group level, which means in a campaign each Keyword Group can have completely different competitors. This structure allows you to get very specific into your competitor analysis because when you've setup your Keyword Group in a logical manner - different Keyword Group with different product categories / regions / languages / search engines / devices (depends on how detailed you want to segment) will give you a different set of competitors for different markets you are trying to explore. Learn more about Keyword Group

There are 4 places in Dragon Metrics you can visit to add competitor to your campaign:

  1. Competitor Discovery
  2. Competitor Discovery Trend
  3. Manage Competitor
  4. Manage Keyword Group

Adding competitor via Competitor Discovery or Competitor Discovery Trend

The easiest way to add competitor to Dragon Metrics is through Competitor Discovery / Competitor Discovery Trend, since we get all your biggest organic competitors automatically and you just have to decide which one to add:

Alternatively, you can add competitor via Competitor Discovery Trend in the same fashion:

Add competitor via Competitor Management page

If you already know which competitor domains your want to track, you can add them manually via the Competitor Management page. Using this method require you to manually enter your competitors and assign them to keyword groups:

Add competitor via Keyword Group page

If you know which competitors you want to track and which Keyword Group they should go to, you can use this method to directly add them to a Keyword Group:

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