Search Engine Ranking allows you to view and compare your campaign's organic ranking performance by search engines at a glance. The Search Engine Ranking report can be found under the Ranking section in the left navigation menu.

On top of the page you will see date range selector, keyword group and search engine filters you can use to customize your data. By pressing down the downward arrow button next to "Apply", you can expand the option to view your competitor's ranking data.

Below the top filters section, you will see visualizations of your search engine ranking data.

In the top callouts you can see all the search engines being listed out with your campaign's individual Organic Visibility in each search engine and its change compare with start date.

Below the callouts you can see a chart, listing out Organic Visibility trends of each search engines for your campaign. Here you can easily compare your SEO performances in different search engines over time. Hover over each date in the chart and you will see the exact numbers in that date.

Below the Search Engine Ranking chart, you can see two buttons allowing you to export data in this page to an Excel, or toggle additional data points and keyword fields you'd like to view in this report.

Right after that, you will see a table listing out single keyword ranking in each search engines you've selected and data points which can be toggled with the Toggle button above.

By clicking onto each keyword shown in the table, you can view ranking for that clicked keyword among its tracked search engines with various information like Search Volume, Translation, SERP features etc. You can also click on each ranking URL here to visit that URL.

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