The Meta Keywords view in Site Explorer will give you information about your pages' meta keywords tags.

Date points available in Meta Keywords view:

  • URL / Title - This column shows the crawled URL and its page title
  • Status - The HTTP status code of requested URL
  • Keywords - Mapped keywords associated with this URL
  • Meta keyword - The page's meta keywords will be shown here if exists
  • Length - The length of the meta keywords tag
  • Too Long - If a meta keywords tag is too long, it will be flagged here
  • Contain Keywords - If any URLs contain mapped keywords, this column will tell you whether keywords are being used within the meta keywords tag
  • Empty / Missing - Whether the page contain a valid meta keywords tag
  • Multiples on Page - If a page contains multiple meta keywords tags, it will be flagged in this column
  • Duplicates - The number of duplicates will be shown in this column if there's multiple crawled pages contain the exact same meta keywords tag, clicking on the number will take you to the Duplicate Meta Keywords issue detail page
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