To add module to your dashboard, click on the + Add Module button at the top right of the page:

Upon clicking the + Add Module button, the Add Module window will popup to let you choose from our collection of modules:

Clicking into each category and you will see modules within that category, you can look at a screenshot preview, description and add the module you like here, also by clicking on the left menu you will be able to quickly switch between categories:

After choosing your desired module, you will see another popup to let you customize your selected module, each module can be customized differently depends on their types and usages, however there are a few options here that will almost always remain consistent, they are:

Title - This is the display title for the reporting module which will be shown on the Dashboard

Date Range - Here you can choose the Date Range of the module to report in

Campaign - Dashboard is shared across campaigns a user have access to, therefore you can create you dashboard for multiple campaign in your accounts by selecting different campaign here

Show - In almost every module you will be able to choose what kind of visualizations to be presented in the module, from callouts, tables, charts etc.

Learn more about Module Customization here

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