Dashboard is a customizable page that allow high-level information about various areas of all your campaigns to be displayed, utilizing Dragon Metrics' Dashboard will allow you to get the data you need quickly without digging through each individual report pages. It's the first page users see when logging into Dragon Metrics, and can be accessed again by clicking the Dashboard button at the left navigation menu:

Each user will have one unique Dashboard and the configuration of the Dashboard is going to be shared across all campaigns they have access to (Learn more about user roles). So one Dashboard is not shared to another user and the user will not see a different Dashboard when switching campaigns.

Learn more about Dashboard:

  • Adding modules - There’re about 50 modules in Dragon Metrics' Dashboard, covering rankings, links, competitor analysis, keyword research, analytics, and more. We’ve taken data from almost every report available on Dragon Metrics and brought it into our new modules, with a few extra modules only available to our Dashboard as well
  • Module Customization - Each modules available in the Dashboard are highly customizable to suit your reporting needs
  • Structuring dashboard - Our drag and drop fashion and 2 columns Dashboard allow you to arrange your dashboard for maximum screen space efficiency
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