In Competitor Keyword Ranking report, you can compare ranking data for your desired combination of date range, keyword groups, search engines and competitors over time, from site level to single keyword level.

You can access Competitor Keyword Ranking report in the Competitors section of the left navigation menu:

At the top of the report, you can configure your desired date range, keyword group, search engine and Site (competitors) to display:

How these selectors work together?

All the Keyword Group within the campaign will be available here, Search Engines available here will be all the engines tracked in any selected keyword groups and the Sites available will be all the competitors being added to any selected Keyword Group.

If you've chosen multiple Keyword Groups here, you can also select Search Engines or Sites that are only being added to one keyword group but not the others. As Dragon Metrics will try to display all the data based on what's being tracked, so when the above scenario happens, you might see some missing ranking data in this report.

If you want to get keyword data without any missing fields in Competitor Keyword Rankings, the easiest way would be to choose 1 Keyword Group at a time.

Below the data selector, you can see a number of callouts showing the Organic Visibility of your site and selected competitors':

Within the callout you can see a colored little box, which is showing the fluctuations of Organic Visibility from the start date to the end date.

Below the callouts, you can see a trend chart displaying Organic Visibility of your site and selected competitors' from the start date to end date:

Note: The displayed data points in the trend charts will be based on your selected date range.

If you click on the "Summary" button on the top of the charts, there will be a bar chart displaying end date's Organic Visibility of your site and selected competitors':

Located at the right side below the charts, you will have the options to export this report to Excel or modify the View Options in the data table at the bottom on the page:

At the bottom of the page, you can see a table keywords with end date rankings of your site and selected competitors':

Extra columns of data like translations, search volume or search engines can be displayed within the table by toggling through View Options.

Clicking on each keyword in the table, you will see a popup showing you ranking data for that particular keyword among your site and selected competitors' with various data points:

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