Filters in Site Explorer allow you to view only pages that meet certain criteria, you can customized these filters to fulfill your specific needs or use our filter presets to quickly get pages that commonly require investigation when doing technical SEO:

You can select preset by using the drop down menu next to Filter Results wordings, here are the presets available for you to use instantly:

  • Authorship Not Set Up
  • Authorship Set Up
  • Body Content Too Short
  • H1 Issues
  • Keywords not in Body Text
  • Keywords not in Meta Description
  • Keywords not in Meta Keywords
  • Keywords not in Title
  • Keywords not in URL
  • Meta Description Issues
  • Meta Keywords Issues
  • No Mapped Keywords
  • Pages Blocking Robots
  • Pages with Errors
  • Pages with Meta Refresh Tag
  • Pages With Rel=Canoncial
  • Pages Without Rel=Canonical
  • Pagination Not Set Up
  • Pagination Set Up
  • Permanent Redirects
  • Redirected URLs
  • Redirection Problems
  • Temporary Redirects
  • Title Issues
  • Too Many Links On Page
  • URL Issues

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If you've found none of these filters are able to meet you criteria, you can define a custom filters using the box below:

Here you can make as many AND / OR statements you'd like, and there are around 80 different data points you can choose from to create each statement, if you are not sure how to set these up, you can reference to our filter preset to learn more, the image below shows how to get only pages with meta description issues with these filters:

Let's take a look at what's happening here, the first statement get only pages with 200 HTTP status code, which will show only URLs with 200 HTTP status code. After that we use an AND statement to further filter down these pages, the next statement included 4 OR statements - meta descriptions too long, empty / missing, multiple instances or duplicate instances, which means that any pages that fulfill these statements will be included in the results, in the Duplicate Meta Descriptions we can choose how many duplicate meta descriptions should happen until these pages are included, so we've chosen more or equal to 1 here. Combining these statements we will be able to get only pages with Meta Description Issues.

After defining your preferred filters, click on Apply and the page will be refreshed with the data you've set to view.

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