Dragon Metrics sends emails for the following purposes:

  • Scheduled report links from the Report Builder

  • Notification that new ranking or site auditor reports are available

  • Product updates and news

  • Billing information

  • Important announcements regarding your account

You can adjust your notification preferences by navigating to My Settings located under the user icon in the top right of every page.

Click the Email Preferences tab

To select which Report Builder reports should send you an email notification, simply check on the reports you'd like to get Email notification from the drop down menu.

For new Ranking and Site Auditor reports, you can choose to receive a notification for the first report becoming available only, every time a new report is available, or disable reports completely.

You may also choose to receive periodic product announcements or not.

After updating your notification settings, click Save.

It is not possible to opt-out of emails regarding important account updates or billing details. These emails are sent infrequently and only when absolutely necessary.

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