Dragon Metrics' Site Auditor can separate your onsite SEO issues by priorities, you can see what types of issues does your site have in the Site Auditor Overview page.

  • High Priority Issues – These issues can cause your pages to be not indexed, de-indexed or not ranking at all on search engines. These should be fixed ASAP
  • Medium Priority Issues – These issues mostly indicates under-optimized pages, they are not disastrous issues but fixing them can usually let search engine crawl / understand content on your pages better
  • Low Priority Issues – These issues are generally not detrimental and happens very common on every websites. Whether to fix these issues or not will depends on your own resources and judgement
  • Notice Issues – These issues are not necessarily "issues", instead they are some messages that you should take a look and see if they are intended. e.g. Blocked by robots.txt is a Notice Issue but if you accidentally blocked your homepage, this could be a very serious issue.

Knowing priorities of your onsite issues can serve 2 main purposes:

  1. You'll be able to forecast the potential benefits of fixing your onsite issues, if the majority of your onsite issues are high, fixing them could increase the site's SEO performance hugely
  2. When you are creating your onsite SEO strategy, you can prioritize which issues to fix first

Here are all the issues in Dragn Metrics, grouped by their priorities:





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