If you no longer need a Campaign in your account, you can delete it from the All Campaigns page.

Consider Pausing a campaign instead of deleting

In many circumstances, it's better to pause rather than delete a campaign. Pausing a campaign will free up all credits used by this campaign and leaves existing data intact. Data collection will be stopped and the campaign will not be accessible while it's paused, but can be re-activated at any time and all data saved in this campaign will be made available again.

Deleting a Campaign will permanently delete all Campaign data, and there is no undo for this action. If you think you may want to access this data again at some point, it may be a better idea to pause the Campaign instead.

How to delete a campaign

To delete a Campaign, navigate to All Campaigns under Account Settings in the left navigation.

Delete a single campaign

Click the X icon next to the name of the campaign you'd like to delete

Click OK to confirm

The campaign has now been deleted from the account.

Delete multiple campaigns at once

To delete multiple campaigns at once, check the box next to each campaign and click the Delete button in the top left of the table.

Think carefully about whether you want to delete multiple campaigns at once, and click OK if you're sure.

The campaigns have now been deleted from the account.

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