In addition the actual keyword, there are several other data points that can be optionally stored along with each keyword.

Learn how to update keyword fields

Keyword (Required) - The only required field is the actual keyword you'd like to track. If copying from another keyword tool, be sure to omit characters that define match type such as brackets or quotes ([keyword] or"keyword" should not be used)

Translation - This is an optional translation of the keyword in another language of your choice. This is often useful for international teams that may need to manage reporting on campaigns with keywords in languages they may not understand. If you don't already have a translation for the keywords, consider pasting them into a service such as Google Translate to quickly perform a machine translation. The translation may not be technically perfect, but could still provide useful context for international teams.

Tags - Keywords can be given one or more tags to help in sorting and filtering. Tags can include spaces and are comma-separated. Learn more about tagging keywords

Search Volume - This is the Search Volume of a keyword. You can use the Get Search Volume button above to get this Search Volume data for Google, Bing or Baidu, many keyword tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner can provide the search volume for keywords as well. If included, they can appear alongside ranking data and other areas throughout Dragon Metrics.
Note: Keywords added through the Keyword Research tool will automatically include search volumes.

Preferred Landing Page - This is the URL of the landing page that you hope to optimize for this keyword. In the Keyword Ranking page, this field will be compared against the URL on your site that is ranking for this keyword to see if there is a match. In Site Auditor and Site Explorer, it will be used to check whether or not the main content areas on the page are optimized for this keyword. This field can also be added later by browsing for a suitable landing page using the Site Explorer tool. Learn more about Preferred Landing Page

Keyword Group - This field shows which Keyword Group this keyword has been assigned to, Dragon Metrics will only get ranking for keywords after they are assigned to a Keyword Group

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