This article refers to campaigns that are tracking the same search engines for all keywords. For campaigns with keyword-level search engine tracking enabled where search engines are defined per keyword, see this article instead.

Adding Keywords by File

If you have a long list of keywords or wish to include additional keyword details such as Tags, Preferred Landing Page, or Translation, we recommend adding keywords by file.

On the Keyword Settings page, click the Add Keywords button in the top right of the table.

Choose the tab labeled Import from File and click the button to download the template.

Open the Excel template, remove the example keywords and add your own. The only required field is Keyword, others may be omitted. Learn more about optional keyword fields

When finished adding keywords, save the file, click Upload new keywords, and select the file.

Keywords will be added, and you will have a chance to look verify the import results. You can click any fields to make additional edits, or click Close to finish.

If a keyword already exists in the campaign, you'll be given the option to overwrite it with the new details or leave it as it is.

Updating Keywords by File

To update keywords by file, click the Bulk update button in the top right of the table on the Keyword Settings page.

This will bring up a modal where you can download the current keyword list as an Excel file.

Open the file, make your desired updates, and save it again.

Click Upload updated keywords and select the newly-saved file.

A list of the proposed changes will be shown. Click Confirm update to make the update or Discard changes to leave the keywords as they were before the upload.

When updating keywords, any keywords that are not already in the account will be ignored. They will need to be added separately.

Common issues with importing keyword files

Use the template file provided

Always use the template file as a starting point to add or update your keywords. For best results, download a new template file in the same context where you will upload the new file. Using an old or outdated template file, or a template file intended for another area could have unexpected results.

Download the template

Make your changes, and upload again

Removing columns in the Excel file

Do not remove any columns from the template file. If you do not plan to update a column, simply leave it blank. We'll try our best to understand how the file has been modified if a column is removed, the results cannot be guaranteed.

Renaming column headers in the Excel file

Do not rename any column headers in the template Excel file. We'll try our best to understand how the file has been modified if a column is renamed, but the results cannot be guaranteed.

Preferred Landing Page must be a valid URL

All values for Preferred Landing Page must be a valid URL. Use an absolute URL instead of a relative URL.

Separate tags by comma

Spaces in tags are okay, but commas indicate that's the end of a tag. Only use commas to separate tags.

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