Follow the steps below to import your list of keywords from Excel to Dragon Metrics:

1. Click on Add New Keyword button in the Keyword Management page

2. Choose Import from File, and download the Excel template file

3. Open the Excel template file

Input the following fields:

Description: The exact keyword you wish to track
Format: Any text string
Example: [computers]

Translation (Optional)
Description: This is a translation of the keyword you are tracking. Translations can be useful for cases when a user or someone viewing reports does not recognize the language of the keyword that is being tracked.
Format: Any text string
Example:  [mobile phones]

Search Volume (Optional)
Description: This is the anticipated number of users searching for this particular query. You can get this data form a search engine's keyword research tool, such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
Format: Search volumes can be left blank, or any integer greater or equal to zero.
Example: [10]

Description: Tags can be used to categorize keywords and make it easier to sort and search by group. You can add as many tags as you'd like to each keyword.
Format: Separate each tag with a comma
Example: [office supplies, electronics, long tail]

Preferred Landing Page(Optional)
Description: This field is the landing page you've targeted for this particular keyword. Once the keyword is being tracked, Dragon Metrics will compare the actual page your site is ranking for with this preferred landing page to see if they match.
Format: The full URL
Example: []

Keyword Groups(Optional)
Description: This field can be used to assign keywords to different Keyword Groups that are already existing in your campaign, if you leave this column blank for a newly added keywords their rankings won't be tracked in Dragon Metrics. And the Keyword Group you've entered here must already exist in the campaign, otherwise you will receive an error when uploading your file.
Format: Comma separate multiple keyword groups if you'd like to assign one keyword to multiple groups
Example: [brand, products] 

4. After you have finished modifying the template, save and upload the file to the same window where you've downloaded the template and click Upload.

5. Verify Keywords were imported successfully or correct any errors, hit Save to add them to your list of keywords

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