Note: This action can only be taken by Account Owners or Managers. Read more about account permissions.

All users may modify their own user settings, but account owners and managers can modify information and settings for a user they manage, such as email address, name, and campaign access.

To begin, navigate to Users under Account Settings in the left navigation.

Click on the name of the user you'd like to update.

Update any field and click Save when completed

Account type

There are 3 types of user roles that can be assigned to a new user that determine the account permissions:

  • Read-only: Can view reports, create own Report Builder reports and alerts. Can be given access to all campaigns or only a specific set.

  • Standard: Everything a read-only user can do, but can also perform research, update keywords and competitors for campaigns they have access to.

  • Manager: Everything a standard user can do, but can also create new users and campaigns.

Learn more about user roles

Billing access

Regardless of user role, you can choose whether or not this user should be able to view and modify billing settings.

Checking the Can view and manage billing settings box will allow the user to:

Email address and name

Please note that usernames cannot be modified in the app. Please contact Dragon Metrics support to update an account's username.

Campaign access

It's possible to limit a users' access to only specific campaigns.

Two settings are available:

  • All campaigns: No limits on campaign access. The user will have access to all campaigns in the account, including new campaigns created in the future.

  • Limit which campaigns this user can access: The user will have access only to the selected campaigns.

If Limit which campaigns this user can access is selected, choose which campaigns the user should have access to by selecting them in the left box and clicking the arrow to move them to the right.

Click Save when completed.

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