Note: Manager and Account Owner account types are required for this function.

To make changes to any user information (such as name, email address, or campaign access), navigate to the Users page in the Account Settings section of the left navigation :

And click on the username you'd like to make changes to in the table:

You will see a new page allowing you to edit all settings for the user. Make your desired changes and click Save. (Note that it is not possible to update the login ID or account type after the account has been created)

Description of each available options

1. Account Type

Dragon Metrics provide 4 account types (roles): Account Owners, Managers, Standard Users and Read-only Users, each account types have different permission levels to various features inside Dragon Metrics. A user's account type can be modified by choosing the proper account type for the selected user.

Learn more about user roles in Dragon Metrics

2. Can view and manage billing settings

(Available for Account Owners only)

Account Details page (Contain potentially sensitive information like billing, account limits and payment history) is accessible only to the Account Owner user of the account by default. If you'd like to grant other users permission to view these information, check the Can view and manage billing settings checkbox.

3. Username

Login ID for the user, must be unique and cannot be changed once the user's been created.

4. Email Address

Login Email for the user, system Emails to the user will also be sent to this Email address.

5. First Name

First Name of the user.

6. Last Name

Last Name of the user.

7. Campaign Access

It's possible to control which campaigns can the user access and which cannot. To give access to campaigns, simply select them from the list of all campaigns in the account on the left (use ctrl+click or shift+click to select multiples) and click the right arrow. To remove access for a campaign, click on the campaign name in the list on the right and click the left arrow.

8. Transfer ownership to this user

(Available for Account Owners only)

Each Dragon Metrics account can only have one Account Owner user, which possess the complete control for every aspects of the account. If you are the Account Owner user of the account and would like to transfer the Account Owner role to another user, click Transfer ownership to this user button under user details page of that particular user.

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