As of October 2019, Dragon Metrics supports 11 search engines:

  • Google (250 countries and language combinations, and ~100,000 geolocations at the city / neighborhood / postal code level) — Desktop and Mobile
  • Bing (44 countries and languages)
  • Yahoo (34 countries and languages)
  • Baidu - (China) — Desktop and Mobile
  • 360/Haosou (China)
  • Shenma (China)
  • Sogou (China)
  • Naver (South Korea) 
  • Daum (South Korea)
  • Yandex (Russia)
  • Seznam (Czechia)

See below for a complete listing of all supported search engines, countries, and languages. If you don't see a country / language you're looking for, please contact us. Most requests can be completed within 24-48 hours.

Search Engine, Country, Language
360, China, Simplified Chinese
Baidu, China, Simplified Chinese
Bing, Argentina, Spanish
Bing, Australia, English
Bing, Austria, German
Bing, Belgium, Dutch
Bing, Belgium, French  
Bing, Brazil, Portuguese
Bing, Canada, English
Bing, Canada, French  
Bing, Chile, Spanish
Bing, China, Simplified Chinese
Bing, Denmark, Danish
Bing, Egypt, Arabic
Bing, Finland, Finnish
Bing, France, French  
Bing, Germany, German
Bing, Hong Kong, Traditional Chinese  
Bing, India, English
Bing, Indonesia, English
Bing, Ireland, English
Bing, Italy, Italian
Bing, Japan, Japanese
Bing, Korea, Korean
Bing, Mexico, Spanish
Bing, Netherlands, Dutch
Bing, New Zealand, English
Bing, Norway, Norwegian
Bing, Philippines, English
Bing, Poland, Polish
Bing, Portugal, Portuguese
Bing, Russia, Russian
Bing, Saudi Arabia, Arabic
Bing, Singapore, English
Bing, South Africa, English
Bing, Spain, Spanish
Bing, Sweden, Swedish
Bing, Switzerland, French  
Bing, Switzerland, German
Bing, Taiwan, Traditional Chinese  
Bing, Turkey, Turkish
Bing, United Arab Emirates, Arabic
Bing, United Arab Emirates, English
Bing, United Kingdom, English
Bing, United States, English
Bing, United States, Spanish
Daum, Korea, Korean
Google, Afghanistan, Persian
Google, Algeria, Arabic
Google, Algeria, French  
Google, Angola, Portuguese
Google, Argentina, Spanish
Google, Armenia, Armenian
Google, Armenia, Russian
Google, Australia, English
Google, Austria, German
Google, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani
Google, Azerbaijan, Russian
Google, Bahamas, English
Google, Bahrain, Arabic
Google, Bangladesh, Bengali
Google, Bangladesh, English
Google, Belarus, Belarusian
Google, Belarus, Russian
Google, Belgium, Dutch
Google, Belgium, French  
Google, Belgium, German
Google, Belize, English
Google, Belize, Spanish
Google, Benin, French  
Google, Benin, Yoruba
Google, Bolivia, Spanish
Google, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnian
Google, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian
Google, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbian
Google, Brazil, English
Google, Brazil, Portuguese
Google, Brunei, Malay
Google, Brunei, Simplified Chinese
Google, Bulgaria, Bulgarian
Google, Burkina Faso, French  
Google, Burundi, French  
Google, Burundi, Swahili
Google, Cambodia, Khmer
Google, Cameroon, French  
Google, Canada, English
Google, Canada, French  
Google, Cape Verde, Portuguese
Google, Central African Republic, French  
Google, Chad, Arabic
Google, Chad, French  
Google, Chile, Spanish
Google, China, Simplified Chinese
Google, Colombia, Spanish
Google, Costa Rica, Spanish
Google, Cote d'Ivoire, French  
Google, Croatia, Croatian
Google, Cuba, Spanish
Google, Cyprus, English
Google, Cyprus, Greek
Google, Cyprus, Turkish
Google, Czech Republic, Czech
Google, Denmark, Danish
Google, Djibouti, Arabic
Google, Djibouti, French  
Google, Djibouti, Somali
Google, Dominican Republic, Spanish
Google, Ecuador, Spanish
Google, Egypt, Arabic
Google, El Salvador, Spanish
Google, Estonia, Estonian
Google, Estonia, Russian
Google, Ethiopia, Somali
Google, Fiji, English
Google, Finland, Finnish
Google, Finland, Swedish
Google, France, English
Google, France, French  
Google, Gabon, French  
Google, Gambia, English
Google, Georgia, Georgian
Google, Germany, English
Google, Germany, German
Google, Ghana, English
Google, Ghana, Hausa
Google, Greece, Greek
Google, Guadeloupe, French  
Google, Guatemala, Spanish
Google, Guyana, English
Google, Haiti, French  
Google, Haiti, Haitian Creole
Google, Honduras, Spanish
Google, Hong Kong, English
Google, Hong Kong, Traditional Chinese  
Google, Hungary, Hungarian
Google, Iceland, Icelandic
Google, India, Bengali
Google, India, English
Google, India, Hindi
Google, India, Marathi
Google, India, Telugu
Google, Indonesia, English
Google, Indonesia, Indonesian
Google, Indonesia, Javanese
Google, Iraq, Arabic
Google, Ireland, English
Google, Ireland, Irish
Google, Israel, Arabic
Google, Israel, Hebrew
Google, Italy, English
Google, Italy, Italian
Google, Jamaica, English
Google, Japan, English
Google, Japan, Japanese
Google, Jordan, Arabic
Google, Kazakhstan, Russian
Google, Kenya, Swahili
Google, Korea, Korean
Google, Kuwait, Arabic
Google, Kyrgyzstan, Russian
Google, Laos, Lao
Google, Latvia, Latvian
Google, Latvia, Lithuanian
Google, Latvia, Russian
Google, Lebanon, Arabic
Google, Lebanon, Armenian
Google, Lebanon, French  
Google, Libya, Arabic
Google, Libya, Italian
Google, Liechtenstein, German
Google, Lithuania, Lithuanian
Google, Luxembourg, French  
Google, Luxembourg, German
Google, Macedonia, Macedonian
Google, Madagascar, French  
Google, Malaysia, English
Google, Malaysia, Malay
Google, Maldives, English
Google, Mali, French  
Google, Malta, Maltese
Google, Mexico, Spanish
Google, Moldova, Russian
Google, Mongolia, Mongolian
Google, Montenegro, Bosnian
Google, Montenegro, Serbian
Google, Morocco, Arabic
Google, Morocco, French  
Google, Namibia, Afrikaans
Google, Namibia, English
Google, Namibia, German
Google, Nepal, English
Google, Nepal, Nepali
Google, Netherlands, Dutch
Google, Netherlands, English
Google, New Zealand, English
Google, New Zealand, Maori
Google, Nicaragua, Spanish
Google, Niger, French  
Google, Niger, Hausa
Google, Nigeria, English
Google, Nigeria, Hausa
Google, Nigeria, Igbo
Google, Nigeria, Yoruba
Google, Norway, Norwegian
Google, Oman, Arabic
Google, Pakistan, English
Google, Pakistan, Urdu
Google, Panama, Spanish
Google, Paraguay, Spanish
Google, Peru, Spanish
Google, Philippines, English
Google, Poland, Polish
Google, Portugal, English
Google, Portugal, Portuguese
Google, Puerto Rico, Spanish
Google, Qatar, Arabic
Google, Qatar, English
Google, Romania, German
Google, Romania, Hungarian
Google, Romania, Romanian
Google, Russia, Russian
Google, Rwanda, English
Google, Rwanda, French  
Google, Rwanda, Swahili
Google, Samoa, English
Google, Saudi Arabia, Arabic
Google, Senegal, French  
Google, Serbia, Serbian
Google, Sierra Leone, English
Google, Singapore, English
Google, Singapore, Malay
Google, Singapore, Simplified Chinese
Google, Singapore, Tamil
Google, Slovakia, Slovak
Google, Slovenia, Slovenian
Google, Somalia, Arabic
Google, Somalia, Somali
Google, South Africa, Afrikaans
Google, South Africa, English
Google, South Africa, Zulu
Google, Spain, Basque
Google, Spain, Catalan
Google, Spain, Galician
Google, Spain, Spanish
Google, Sri Lanka, English
Google, Sri Lanka, Tamil
Google, Sweden, Swedish
Google, Switzerland, English
Google, Switzerland, French  
Google, Switzerland, German
Google, Switzerland, Italian
Google, Taiwan, English
Google, Taiwan, Traditional Chinese  
Google, Tajikistan, Russian
Google, Thailand , English
Google, Thailand , Thai  
Google, Togo, French  
Google, Trinidad and Tobago, English
Google, Trinidad and Tobago, French  
Google, Trinidad and Tobago, Hindi
Google, Trinidad and Tobago, Spanish
Google, Trinidad and Tobago, Traditional Chinese  
Google, Tunisia, Arabic
Google, Tunisia, French  
Google, Turkey, Turkish
Google, Turkmenistan, Russian
Google, Turkmenistan, Turkmen
Google, Uganda, Swahili
Google, Ukraine, Russian
Google, Ukraine, Ukrainian
Google, United Arab Emirates, Arabic
Google, United Arab Emirates, English
Google, United Arab Emirates, Hindi
Google, United Arab Emirates, Persian
Google, United Arab Emirates, Urdu
Google, United Kingdom, English
Google, United States, English
Google, Uruguay, Spanish
Google, Uzbekistan, Russian
Google, Venezuela, Spanish
Google, Vietnam, French  
Google, Vietnam, Traditional Chinese  
Google, Vietnam, Vietnamese
Google, Zambia, English
Google, Zimbabwe, English
Google, Zimbabwe, Zulu
Naver, Korea, Korean
Seznam, Czech Republic, Czech
Shenma,China,Simplified Chinese
Sogou, China, Simplified Chinese
Soso, China, Simplified Chinese
Yahoo, Argentina, Spanish
Yahoo, Australia, English
Yahoo, Brazil, Portuguese
Yahoo, Canada, English
Yahoo, Canada - Quebec, French  
Yahoo, Chile, Spanish
Yahoo, Colombia, Spanish
Yahoo, France, French  
Yahoo, Germany, German
Yahoo, Greece, Greek
Yahoo, Hong Kong, Traditional Chinese  
Yahoo, India, English
Yahoo, Indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia
Yahoo, Italy, Italian
Yahoo, Japan, Japanese
Yahoo, Korea, Korean
Yahoo, Malaysia, English
Yahoo, Mexico, Spanish
Yahoo, Peru, Spanish
Yahoo, Philippines, English
Yahoo, Romania, Romanian
Yahoo, Singapore, English
Yahoo, Spain, Spanish
Yahoo, Sweden, Swedish
Yahoo, Switzerland, French  
Yahoo, Switzerland, German
Yahoo, Switzerland, Italian
Yahoo, Taiwan, Traditional Chinese  
Yahoo, Thailand , Thai  
Yahoo, United Kingdom, English
Yahoo, United States, English
Yahoo, United States, Spanish
Yahoo, Venezuela, Spanish
Yahoo, Vietnam, Vietnamese
Yandex, Russia, Russian

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