To create a new user, navigate to the Users page via the Account Settings menu in the bottom-left part of the screen. (Please note, if you do not see this area, you may not have sufficient privileges to add a new user. See User Roles for more details) 

Click on the Add New User icon in the upper-right part of the screen

Fill in the information on the new user page:

  1. Choose the account type for this user. This determines the access level given to this user. Options include Manager, Standard User, and Read-Only. Read more about user roles.
  2. Choose whether the user is allowed to view the Account Details page, where potentially sensitive information such as billing and subscription info are displayed.
  3. Login ID's must be unique and must contain at least 6 characters, can't be changed once the user account is saved
  4. Enter the email address of the user. (Must be a real email account, as the activation link will be emailed to this account.)
  5. Enter a first name
  6. Enter a last name
  7. Choose the campaigns this user should have access to from the list of all campaigns on the left, and move them over to the right by selecting them (use ctrl + click or shift + click to select multiples) and clicking the right arrow. Selecting a campaign in the Allowed Access box and clicking the left arrow will remove access. This field is optional when creating managers, but you must choose at least one campaign to assign for standard or read-only users and

When you are done filling in all necessary information, click Save to create this user.

An email will be sent to the email account for this user with activation instructions

The user should click the activation link to get started with their account

Verify user information, select a password, and click Submit

The account will be created, and the user will be immediately logged in

Until the user clicks the activation link and creates a password, the account will remain inactive. To resend the account activation email, click on the username in the table to go to the User Details page.

Click the Resend confirmation email button

If the user does still not receive the email, be sure to check the spam folder, and that the email address was entered correctly.

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