Note: This action can only be taken by Account Owners and Managers. Read more about account permissions.

To add a new user, navigate to Users under Account Settings in the left navigation.

Click the + button found in the upper right of the table

Fill in the following fields to set up this user account:

Choose an account type

There are 3 types of user roles that can be assigned to a new user that determine the account permissions:

  • Read-only: Can view reports, perform research, create own Report Builder reports and alerts. Can be given access to all campaigns or only a specific set.
  • Standard: Everything a read-only user can do, but can also update keywords and competitors for campaigns they have access to.
  • Manager: Everything a standard user can do, but can also create new users and campaigns.

Learn more about user roles

Choose billing access

Regardless of user role, you can choose whether or not this user should be able to view and modify billing settings.

Checking the Can view and manage billing settings box will allow the user to:

Enter a username, email address, first and last name

You can set the username to the email address or choose a unique username.

Choose the campaigns this user should have access to

You can choose to limit which campaigns this user is able to access. All campaigns in the account are available in the left box. Select one or more campaigns and click the right arrow to give this user access to the campaigns. This user will only be able to access campaigns moved to the box on the right.

Click Save when completed.

An activation email will be sent to the user's email address. The user will need to click the link to activate their account.

The user will have a chance to update their information and choose a password.

After clicking Submit, the account will be created, and the user will be immediately logged in.

The account will remain inactive until the user clicks the activation link and chooses a a password.

To resend the account activation email, click on the username to return to the user details page.

Click Resend confirmation email at the top of the page

If the user is having trouble finding the activation email, please be sure to:

  • Check the spam folder
  • Ensure the email address was entered correctly
  • Check to make sure the email was not blocked by the organization's network

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