The Research Mode of Dragon Metrics is specifically designed for Baidu SEO, we keep track of 3 millions keywords and 1.5 millions ranking domains from Baidu and the data are being updated monthly.

FAQs about Dragon Metrics' Research Mode

You can quickly switch between campaign and research mode by clicking on Switch to Research / Return to Campaigns located in the left navigation menu:

You can perform Domain or Keyword Research inside the Research Mode:

There will be 4 types of limitation in the Research Mode:

  • Queries available per day - The number of unique research queries you can perform each day will be limited, researching on the exact same keyword / domain will only cost 1 credit each day
  • Results being shown in each report - The data available in each reports in Research Mode will be limited to a fixed number of rows
  • Number of rows available for export per month - Each row of data being exported to Excel in Research Mode will cost credits, and these export credits are replenished each month
  • Backlink data being displayed in the Links report - The Domain Research Overview page will show the most important backinks to a domain, but to get more data you might need to run a full Link Report which will cost you up to 5000 credits for each report

You can check the remaining credits available in your account here or learn more about limits in different types of account here.

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