Integrating your Google Analytics account into Dragon Metrics is optional, but can unlock a number of additional reports and enhance others.

Benefits of adding your Google Analytics account:

  • Access over 25 Google Analytics reports in the platform

  • Add session and conversion data to Landing Page Ranking reports to help reveal "(not provided)" keyword data

  • See how rankings, onsite content, technical issues, internal links, external links, and other factors affect sessions and conversions in URL X-Ray.

  • Create fully-customizable white-labeled reports in the Report Builder with 25 Google Analytics modules and 25 modules covering ranking, links, onsite issues, and more.

How to add your Google Analytics account to a campaign

Navigate to Integration settings under Campaign Settings in the left navigation

Click Add Google Analytics

If you haven't added a Google Analytics account to another campaign in Dragon Metrics yet, you'll be asked to sign into your Google account. Log into the Google account that has access to the Google Analytics property you wish to integrate with this campaign.

This sign-in happens securely in a new window on Dragon Metrics will never see your password.

You'll be presented with a screen by Google asking if you are willing to share access to your Google Analytics account with Dragon Metrics. Click Allow if you agree.

You will then return to Dragon Metrics, where you can choose the Google Analytics account, property, and view you'd like to associate with this campaign. You also have the option of including or excluding ecommerce data. Click OK when you are done.

Google Analytics has now been set up for this campaign. You can start to access reports that use Google Analytics data immediately.

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