It's possible to give each user in the account different permissions to restrict access to specific campaigns or actions.

There are 3 methods for controlling users' access in Dragon Metrics:

  • Role: Defines which actions the user may take

  • Campaign access: Defines which campaigns a user has access to

  • Billing permissions: Whether a user can view and update billing information

User roles

Every user must be assigned a role which defines which actions they can perform.

  • Read-only: Can view reports, create own Report Builder reports and alerts. Can be given access to all campaigns or only a specific set.

  • Read-only + Research: Everything a read-only user can do but can also use our research area and consume research credits.

  • Standard: Everything a read-only user can do, but can also access research tools, and update keywords and competitors for campaigns they have access to.

  • Manager: Everything a standard user can do, but can also create new users and campaigns, and modify settings for campaigns they have access to.

  • Account owner: No restrictions

A detailed view of each role's permissions is outlined in the table below.

Account owner

Account owners have the highest level of authority and do not have any restrictions on what they can do or access inside Dragon Metrics.

Each account can only have one owner, so it is not possible to create a new user as an account owner or upgrade an existing user's permissions to account owner. The account owner can not be deleted.

If you need to make a different user the account owner, you can transfer ownership to them. When this is done, the designated user will be upgraded to account owner, and the former account owner will be downgraded to manager.


Managers are similar to account owners, but have a few important restrictions:

  • Managers can be assigned to specific campaigns and restricted from others

  • Managers cannot modify settings of other managers

  • Managers can only modify settings of other Standard and Read-only users of campaigns they have access to. If a user has no access to any of the campaigns the manager has access to, the manager will be unable to modify their settings.

  • Managers can be optionally given access to billing details


Standard users can update keywords and competitors in a campaign, but are given no user or campaign management privileges.


Read-only users cannot make any changes that affect other users in the account or access any tools that consume credits. They can only view campaign reports, update their own personal details and settings, and create alerts or Report Builder reports.

Campaign Access

The account owner will always have access to all campaigns in an account. For all other users, it's possible to give them access to all campaigns or limit which ones they have access to. This is controlled completely independently of role.

When creating a user or modifying their settings, the campaign access setting is shown with two options available:

  • All campaigns: No limits on campaign access. The user will have access to all campaigns in the account, including new campaigns created in the future.

  • Limit which campaigns this user can access: The user will have access only to the selected campaigns.

If Limit which campaigns this user can access is selected, it's possible to choose which campaigns the user should have access to by selecting them in the left box and clicking the arrow to move them to the right.

It's also possible to modify user access when creating a new campaign or updating campaign settings.

Here, you may move users that should have access to this campaign to the box on the right, and move users without access to the box on the left.

Billing permissions

Independent of role or campaign access, it's possible to set whether or not a user should be able to view and modify billing settings.

This is set by checking or unchecking the Can view and manage billing settings box when creating a user or modifying their settings.

If a user is given billing permissions, the are able to do the following:

Note: There is no way to hide billing information from the Account Owner. This user will always have full access. The only way to remove access to billing information for this user is to transfer the account's ownership to another user.

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