What are keyword limits?

By default, all campaigns in an account share the same common pool of keyword credits on a first-come-first-served basis. In this way, it's possible for a single campaign to use the majority or all of the credits in the account.

Keyword Limits allow you to allocate a portion of keyword credits for an individual campaign. When keyword limits are added to a campaign, it reserves these credits so they cannot be used by other campaigns. In this way, keyword credits used by this campaign are equal to the keyword limits set (regardless of actual keyword credits used), essentially reserving them for this campaign's use only.

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How to update keyword limits

There are two places where Crawler Settings may be modified:

General Campaign Settings

General Campaign Settings can be found under Campaign Settings in the left navigation.

Click Show advanced options to reveal the setting

Update the number under Limits

Save your changes

The keyword limits have now been updated.

All Campaigns Settings

Navigate to All Campaigns Settings under Account Settings in the left navigation.

Click on the keyword limits column to reveal a popover

Enter the new limits and click the check button to save

The keyword limits have now been updated.

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