After a Campaign has been created, you can modify its settings at any time. First navigate to the Campaigns page in General under Campaign Setting section of the left navigation.

On the Campaigns page, click on the name of the Campaign whose settings you'd like to update.

Make changes to any settings on the Campaign Details page and click Save to update or Cancel to discard changes.

Settings available in Campaign Settings:

General Settings

Campaign Name

Enter a Campaign name. Campaign names can include almost any character including spaces, but must be unique in the account.

Website URL

The website you are tracking in this Campaign. You can change the website URL by clicking on the "change" link, however we don't recommend changing this field because changing the site of a campaign will cause inconsistencies with historic data and possibly other areas.

If you would like to change the site of an existing campaign, it is strongly recommended you pause or delete this campaign and create a new one instead.

Keyword Limits

In some situations, it may be beneficial to add a keyword limit to the Campaign to set the maximum number of keywords that can be added in the Campaign.

When keyword limits are applied to the Campaign, they are deducted from the total available keyword credits in the account. Once they are applied, these keyword credits are "reserved" for use in only this Campaign. The total applied keyword limits cannot exceed the remaining available keyword credits in the account. If no keyword limits are desired, simply leave it blank.

Learn more about keyword limits

Link Tracking

Dragon Metrics can get backlink to your website automatically and you can disable this feature by choosing "No" in the Track Link Automatically drop down menu:


Dragon Metrics can crawl the website up to twice a month to collect a data to be used for the Site Auditor and Site Explorer features.

Crawl Site

You can choose to turn on / off our crawling feature for this campaign here, if "No" is selected in this field, we will no longer crawl you website unless you switch to "Yes" again, and all the following crawling options won't be selectable.

Crawl Type

There are 2 crawl modes in Dragon Metrics - Spider mode and List mode. Each mode have their own set of options so we will discuss both separately:

Spider Mode

In Spider mode you just need to provide seed URL (one or multiples) and our crawler will use those as beginning point and keep crawling all the links found on subsequent pages, until no more new pages are found / Crawl Limit is reached.

Crawl Limits

Since all accounts in Dragon Metrics has limits on crawling, you can setup crawl limit for different campaign here.

You can set a limit to the maximum number of pages Dragonbot should crawl on your site. The available crawl limits are determined by the number of crawl credits in the account. Find out more about crawl credits.

Crawl Scope

Crawl Scope defines the first URL our crawler should start crawling from. When Same as main site is selected, we will start crawling from the campaign's main tracking URL. If Use other scope is chosen, you will be entering another URL we should start crawling from in the text box next to the dropdown menu.

This feature can be useful for users who want to track ranking for a certain subdomain / subfolder (e.g. but would like us to provide crawl data for every pages under the root domain (e.g.

Crawl Speed

Crawl Speed change how fast our crawler will try to crawl your campaign's website, choose the fastest speed possible for your website's server setup if you want Dragon Metrics to get onsite data for your campaign as fast as possible. Learn more about crawl speed here.

Alternate Seed URL

Alternate Seed URL is other URLs (in addition to the Website URL) we should start crawls from.

Exclude URLs

If there are certain part of the website you do not wish Dragonbot to crawl but for any reason you cannot do this server side, you can use the Exclude URLs feature to help, clicking on the Manage button to start doing so:

Upon clicking you will get a popup allowing you to add excluded URLs, test URLs exclusions and delete excluded URLs, there will be a table showing you all the excluded URLs as well, to add your excluded URLs, click on the + icon button:

After clicking the + button, there will be another popup window allowing you to exclude URLs by subdirectory, subdomain or individual URLs, click on Show Advanced Options you can exclude by URL parameters or Regular Expression:

List Mode

In List mode you will be uploading a list of URLs you'd like us to crawl, either by copy and pasting or uploading via an Excel file. Unlike Spider mode we will not crawl URLs that are not in your list in list mode.

Choosing a method you'd like to upload from, and follow the instructions to perform your upload:

Please note that Crawl Limits in list mode became an non-editable field since this will be equal to the number of URLs you provide:

You can use the Follow redirects? dropdown to choose if you wish our crawler to follow redirects for uploaded URLs that are redirected URLs:

User Access

It's possible to control which users in the account can access the Campaign and which cannot. To give access to users, simply select them from the list of all users in the account on the left (use ctrl+click or shift+click to select multiples) and click the right arrow. To remove access for a user, click on their username in the list on the right and click the left arrow.


Dragon Metrics integrate with data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. To set up integration with these products, click on their respective blue buttons in the screen. You'll be presented with the addition steps necessary after saving.

Google Analytics Setup

If you already have one Google account setup within this Dragon Metrics account, you can choose your existing Google Analytics view or click Add Account to add new Google account to Dragon Metrics:

If you don't have any Google account connected with Dragon Metrics, or selected add account under the Google Account dropdown menu. You'll be redirected to Google instead, where you can log in with the Google account associated with your site's Google Analytics account.

Google Search Console Setup

If you already have one Google account setup within this Dragon Metrics account, you can choose your Google Search Console Site with FULL ACCESS or property set here or click Add Account to add new Google account to Dragon Metrics:

Learn more about Integrations in Dragon Metrics

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