Ranking reports in Dragon Metrics can be found under either Research or Campaigns. Both are powerful tools, but have different use cases. Read on to learn how to leverage the strengths of each to get the best data possible.

In general, Research is best for quick analysis and research, while Campaigns are best ongoing tracking.

  • Research allows you to see ranking data for any site instantly. There's no setup required and you don't have enter any keywords ahead of time. Just enter the domain name and click "Go". You're not limited by the number of keywords tracked, but there's a limit to how many you can view or export.

  • Campaigns allow for much more in-depth tracking of sites that you own or manage. A quick setup is required, and may take an hour or before data is ready to be viewed, but the depth and breadth of reports available is much deeper than what's available in Research. Ranking data in campaigns is updated much more frequently than in Research. You choose the keywords and search engines tracked, but you're limited by the number tracked depending on your selected plan.

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