Some tools and reports in Dragon Metrics (such as Research) work independently, with no setup required. Other reports are a part of a Campaign, which is a collection of tools and reports that will track a single website and its competitors over time.

A Dragon Metrics account will have one or more campaigns (Even if you're primarily interested in research tools, at least one campaign is required to be active at all times.) Each users may be given access to some or all campaigns in the account.

For brands, each campaign is typically a website that you own or maintain. Globally-focused brands may have a separate campaign for each country site. For agencies, each campaign is typically a client website. Learn more about when to use one or multiple campaigns

While some Dashboard and Report Builder modules can show multiple campaigns at once, each campaign is meant to be a separate project. Most reports can only show 1 campaign's data at once.

Each campaign is defined by:

  • A primary website to be tracked

  • A list of competitors to benchmark against (optional)

  • A set of keywords and tracking search engines for rank tracking (optional)

  • One Google Analytics property (optional)

  • One Google Search Console site (optional)

  • Users that have access to this campaign (optional)

All reports below the horizontal line in the left navigation can be viewed by campaign.

Whenever you are on a report, you can change the campaign you are viewing with the dropdown at the top of the page.

You can create, pause, or delete campaigns at any time. You can also modify campaign settings as well.

Learn more about campaigns:

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