In some situations, it may be beneficial to limit the number of keywords that can be utilized in a Campaign. The typical use is to fairly allocate resources among employees, clients, or departments so that one group does not consume more than their share of the total available keyword credits.

For example, if an account has three campaigns and a total of 3,000 keyword credits, it's not uncommon for one employee to add 3,000 keywords for their clients/departments to the one campaign they manage, leaving no remaining keyword credits for other clients/departments in the other two campaigns. Instead, an administrator can set keyword limits of 1,000 keyword credits for each of the campaigns. Now, if a user tries to utilize all 3,000 for their campaign, they will be limited to only 1,000.

When keyword limits are applied to the campaign, they are deducted from the total available keyword credits in the account. Once they are applied, these keyword credits are "reserved" for use in only this campaign. The total applied keyword limits cannot exceed the remaining available keyword credits in the account.

Keyword limits are optional, and do not need to be applied for a campaign. For campaigns without limits, the actual credits used will be deducted from the the total available keyword credits in the account.

For example, below is a sample account:

  • For Campaigns A and C, which have applied limits, regardless of the number of keywords credits used in the Campaign, the number of keyword credits utilized will be the limit applied for the account. The keyword credits are reserved only for these Campaigns to use in the future.
  • Since Campaign A's limit is set to 500, this is the maximum number of credits that can be used for this campaign. Currently, there are 200 unused keyword credits in this Campaign, but only campaign A can use them.
  • For Campaign B, since there is no applied limit, the keyword credit utilization is based on the actual keyword credits used in the campaign.
  • If there are a total of 1,250 keyword credits in the account, there are 100 available credits left in the account (1,250 total credits - 1,150 credits utilized).
  • These 100 available credits left in the account are available on a "first-come first serve" basis. They can be utilized by adding more keywords to Campaign B, creating a new Campaign with a limit of 100, creating a new campaign with no limit and adding 100 credits, or some combination. However, adding an additional 100 keywords to campaign A would not use these credits, since this utilization will come out of the limits applied to this Campaign.
  • If the administrator knows that Campaign A does not need any more keyword credits than what are being used currently, it may be wise to reduce the limit on this Campaign to 300. This way, the credits can be made available to other Campaigns to use.

Keyword limits can be allocated on the Campaign Details page.

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