Note: This page can only be viewed by Account Owners or users with the "Can view and manage billing settings" permission enabled. Read more about account permissions and how to update a user's settings.

Usage and Billing allows users to manage subscription, update billing information, view payment history, download invoices / receipts, view current credit usage and other important information about their account.

Usage and Billing can be found under Account Settings in the left navigation.



The account's currently active subscription plan, including billing period (monthly or yearly) and ranking update frequency (daily or weekly). Learn more about subscription plans.

Click change button will allow you to upgrade or downgrade to another plan.

Click cancel will cancel your subscription. Learn how to cancel your account.


Displays the next upcoming payment date and amount and the current standing of the account.

If the account has past due payments, the account status will show as Delinquent. Failing to settle overdue payments can cause your subscription to be suspended.

If you are having issues with payments in Dragon Metrics, please contact us and we'd be happy to assist.

Billing Information

Here you will see the the active payment method for the account and associated details. Click on change to update your billing information.

Upcoming Payments

The date, description, period, amount for any upcoming payments that are scheduled to take place.

Please note that any changes to your subscription (such as upgrades, downgrades, or cancellation) must be made before the date the payment is scheduled to take place.

Payment History

All past payments made will be shown in this table. Click View Receipt to download a full receipt for this transaction.

Account Usage

Here you can see all limits in the account and your current usage. If you are approaching a limit, you may consider upgrading your subscription.

Learn more about credit usage in Dragon Metrics.

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