What is Priority Score?

Priority is a score given to each keyword that helps you to decide which keywords should be optimized first. This metric can be interpreted as a final weighted average score of Search Volume, Organic Difficulty, and Organic CTR for a keyword.

It runs on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the Priority Score is, the more you might want to prioritize the keyword for optimization.

How we calculate Priority Score

1. We look at the Search Volume, Organic Difficulty, and Organic CTR of a keyword.

2. We calculated the weighted average score based on these 3 metrics, and the final priority score will be out of a 100.

Note: Organic Difficulty has the highest weight, then it is Organic CTR, and lastly it is Search Volume.

Score Description

Priority Score is labeled as one of the following, based on the score:

  • High: 67-100%

  • Moderate: 34 -66%

  • Low: 0-33%


Let's look at the query can dogs eat bananas, which has a high Priority score. It has a decent search volume, moderate Organic Difficulty, and High Organic CTR.

Where to find Organic CTR

This metric is available in Keyword Research and Keyword Lists.

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