Free Form Content module lets you add text, links, images, data tables through a rich text editor in a custom report.

It is perfect for adding analysis, comments, external data, and custom formatting to your reports.

Note: This article explains the free form content module and how it can be customized. Learn more about how to create a new report here.

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Accessing the setting of the module

The title can be customized by clicking on the gear icon button located in the top bar of each module, as shown below:

Editing the module

By default the free form content module is empty, press Click to Edit to start customizing the module.

The rich text editor will appear, with the custom styles and options available on the top.

Basic Styles

There are basic styling options for the text, such as changing the font size, color, bold, Italic, and underlying the text. It is very similar to the basic options available in any word editor.

Preset formats are available to choose from.

For example, you can start the text with a blockquote.

Or wrap the text in a code block.

You can also make the summary or any text into a list. By using a combination of styles, you can create a summary like the following.


Set the number of rows/columns and create the table.

And start to type the data into the table.

Note: The table style can be customized by CSS.


Add a hyperlink to any text within the module.


Upload a picture and add it to the module. You can resize the picture, specific the float to match the content.

The image will be added in full size. It can be resized into 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4.

Specific the floating to the right/left when you want to show the text next to the image.

Code View

Edit the content of the module in an HTML code format. You can edit the style of the elements with CSS, or basically anything you could do with a web page.

CSS style to modify the table style

Embed Video with <iframe>


Smart shortcuts to use with free form content module.

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