Keyword Gap lets you instantly compare up to 6 sites' ranking keywords and discover keyword opportunities.

This report shows:

  • Top Charts: A comparison of all sites' estimate traffic and keywords ranking in the top 100, 10, and first position on Google

  • Keywords in Common: Keywords that all sites rank for

  • Keyword Gap: Keywords that all competitors sites rank for, but yours does not

  • Keyword Opportunities: Keywords that one or more competitors rank for, but yours does not

  • Unique Keywords: Keywords that your site ranks for, but competitor sites do not

  • All Keywords: Keywords that any sites rank for

This data is available instantly for any site on Google in 70 countries, pulling rankings from a database of hundreds of millions of keywords, updated approximately once a month.

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Getting started

To get started, navigate to Keyword Gap under Research in the left navigation.

Click Compare sites to expand the area to enter multiple sites.

Keyword Gap is supported for over 70 countries on Google. Type in each site you'd like to compare, and choose whether this is a root domain, subdomain, subfolder, or URL.

Click the check next to a site to select it as my site. This will set this site as the baseline for all reports (it doesn't have to be a site that you own or manage).

Click Add another site to compare to continue adding up to 6 sites for the comparison research.

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Site Comparison

A bar chart at the top of the page compares top metrics between each site.

Switch between available metrics using the buttons above the chart.

  • Traffic Index: The estimated amount of monthly organic traffic sent to this site from Google in the selected country, based on keywords tracked in our database.

  • Top 100 Keywords: The total number of organic keywords ranking in the top 100 positions.

  • Top 10 Keywords: The total number of organic keywords ranking in the top 10 positions.

  • Position 1 Keywords: The total number of organic keywords ranking in the 1st position.

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Comparing Ranking Keywords

Below the chart is a table showing a detailed comparison of each site's ranking keywords.

Report types

There are 5 ways of comparing ranking keywords, which can be changed using the buttons directly above the table.

Keywords In Common

Selected by default, Keywords in Common shows keywords that all selected sites rank in the top 100 positions for.

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Keyword Gap

Keyword Gap shows keywords that all other sites rank for, but your site does not.

Note: "my site" does not have to be a site that you own or manage. You can change this at any time by clicking the check next to each site in the top bar

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Keyword Opportunities

Keyword Opportunities shows keywords that one or more other sites rank for, but your site does not.

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Unique Keywords

Unique Keywords shows keywords your site is ranking for that others are not. (It's like the opposite of Keyword Gap.)

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All Keywords Table

All keywords shows keywords that any of the selected sites rank for.

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Table columns


Each row in the table represents a different keyword.

To get more information on a keyword (e.g. see SERP results, related keywords, organic difficulty, etc.) click the keyword to begin a new keyword research query.

Learn more about keyword research

Monthly Search Volume

The number of monthly searches for this keyword on Google in the selected country

Each site's ranking position

The organic ranking position of this keyword for each selected site. The highest-ranking position site will be shaded light green.

Ranking URL

Hover on the ranking position to see the ranking URL of each site for this keyword. Here you can see all the keywords this URL ranks for, view all of this URL's backlinks, or open it in a new window.

The following columns are also available, but hidden by default. Click the View options button in the upper right of the table to show/hide columns.

  • Paid Competition: Score from 0-100% provided by Google Ads showing how competitive ad placement is for the keyword, relative to all keywords across Google. Keywords without enough data may be shown as 0%.

  • CPC: Estimated Cost Per Click of the entered keyword as provided by Google.

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Filtering Keywords

Extensive filtering options at the top of the table can help narrow results. Filters are available for Keyword, any of the selected sites ranking position, monthly search volume, or category.

Category filtering can be extremely useful when working with large sites or those that rank for a diverse set of keywords. All of the Google Ads keyword categories are available to filter results. With thousands of categories to choose from, you can narrow results very specifically without filtering by individual keywords.

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Add keywords to campaign or list

As you prioritize your keywords, you may want to start tracking them in a campaign or add them to a different list.

To do so, check the box next to each keyword, and click the Add keywords button.

A popup modal will show up and you can select either Add to campaign or Add to list.

Add to campaign

Select a campaign and add tags if it is necessary, then click add keywords.

Add to list

In the same modal, you can select to add to list instead.

In the list option, you can choose to create new list or select from existing lists to add the keywords.

Click add keywords after confirming the keywords to add.

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Exporting Data

Click the Export to Excel button in the upper right of the report to download the data for this domain.

You can choose the number of rows (ranking keywords) to include in this report. Each row exported will consume 1 research credit. You can export up to the maximum number of keywords available for this report, the number of research credits remaining in your account, or the maximum number of rows available for your plan (whichever is less).

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